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UL Certified Hover Boards (Financing Available!)

Free Contiguous USA Shipping AND Hoverboarad Financing!You can get all the fun of riding a hover board here at PayZeroToday, where we offer you different color options, FREE contiguous US shipping, AND hover board financing, plus there's no assembly required! Our Area51 hover boards are all UL2272 Certified, which means that they are among the safest hoverboards available. And with a Samsung Lithium battery, you can use your hover board for hours at a time at speeds up to 10 MPH. Once you have selected your favorite high quality hover board, go to checkout to take advantage of our hover board financing option where you will pay $0 down and select a hover board payment plan starting as low as $27 per month! With a selection of certified, high quality self-balancing scooters, low prices, free contiguous US shipping, and an easy to use buy now pay later hover board financing option, there's not reason not to order your hover board now!

Hoverboards (4)

AREA51 6.5" Alpha Hover Board in BLUE (UL2272 Certified)

AREA51 6.5" Alpha Hover Board in WHITE (UL2272 Certified)

AREA51 6.5" Alpha Hover Board in RED (UL2272 Certified)

AREA51 6.5" Alpha Hover Board in BLACK (UL2272 Certified)

Everything You Should Know About Hover Boards

Hover boards can be tons of fun as long as you use them safely. PayZeroToday only lists Area51 hover boards because they have the highest hover board safety certification available. These UL certified hover boards are made with quality materials, including 6.5" rubber wheels and a Samsung Lithium Battery which is rated for electric scooters.

How To Ride A Hover Board

Once you've received your hover board, make sure it is fully charged before using it. Once it has a full charge, unplug it. Now it's time to try it out. It's recommended that you use safety gear such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. You'll want to make sure the hoverboard is sitting on a level surface and you may want to hold onto something like a table to help you balance for the first time. Then with your dominant foot first, step on. You should never jump onto your hoverboard because this WILL cause you to fall. UL Certified Hover BoardsWith your feet placed far apart and centered on the hoverboard, try to avoid tensing up and stand normally.

When you're ready, lean slightly forward to cause your hoverboard to move. Leaning forward will cause you to move forward, and leaning backward will cause you to move backward. Carefully try out different movements to get your hoverboard to carry you in different directions. When you're done using your hoverboard, step off carefully, stepping backwards rather than stepping forwards. Stepping forwards could cause you to lose your balance and fall. You should also never leap off of your hoverboard.

Hover Board Financing

Low Prices And Hover Board Financing at PayZeroTodayHover board financing is quick and easy to use. Look at our collection of hover boards and choose your favorite color, then add your hover board to your cart and go to checkout. There you can choose our hover board financing option through Klarna as your payment method. When you select "Slice it" you can be approved in seconds. Pay $0 at checkout and we'll get working on processing your order, then pay monthly with your convenient hover board payment plan