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We’ve thrown out everything that “glitters” or “sparkles” or any number of other kitch B.S. thing and kept only what is truly badass.

Okay, fine. To be fair, we do have some things that glitter and sparkle but it’s a mean, vicious, bloodcurdling kind of glitter and sparkle that’ll make you hope there’s a clean pair of panties near by.

Our predator motorcycle helmets are not only guaranteed to blow the minds of all who have the good fortune to see you cruising down the road, but these custom motorcycle helmets will protect your greymatter from the road as well.

All of the prefabricated helmets that are used as the foundation for every one of our custom, hand crafted, made to order works of f-antastic awesomeness are DOT / ECE R22.05 certified. Check out our buyer's Guide here.

Predator Motorcycle Helmets (1)

JMV Predator Motorcycle Helmet - DOT Certified

“There’s something out there waiting for us…”

Yes. We’ll say all of that all over again just so you know that one of our writer monkeys wasn’t drunk (DON’T DRINK AND RIDE… or write) when they were typing up this mammoth description. Mostly, though, we’ll say it all over again because it’s something that we’re mighty proud of.

“[blah blah blah]...for every one of our custom, hand crafted, made to order works of fantastic awesomeness.”

See? You’re not going crazy and our writer monkeys aren’t allowed to drink on the clock.

When you order a PREDATOR motorcycle helmet from you can be damn sure that you are receiving a truly unique piece of Schwarzenegger Blockbuster Americana - yeah, yeah we know he’s from Austria, stop e-mailing us! - made especially for you by NLO MOTO, XFF Fiber Factory or Pro Predator. Are you looking for a predator motorcycle helmet with dreads? We have plenty of those as well.

It’s not only that these custom helmets are made to order that make them unique. It’s that they’re crafted by people who are at the top of their game. People who are seriously passionate about what they do and who take the time to do it right. That obsessive-compulsive perfectionism shows, too, in every spine-tinglingly exquisite detail.

Creating your made to order motorcycle helmet will take a band of master artists over 35 man-hours to complete before it’s ready to be boxed up, shipped out, and delivered right to your door; anywhere on planet Earth.

By the way, those 35-plus man hours don’t take into account the pre-work required to transform a boring, off the shelf helmet into a sexy beast helmet. It may take the unsung geniuses of the fabrication team as long as EIGHT months to bust out a skull for those clever artists to focus their magic, voodoo, and warped imaginations on. Not too shabby, eh?

For the record, just so we’re sure you understand how epic your helmet is going to be:
8 months = 32 weeks = 224 days = 5,376 hours (+ 35-plus hours)

That means your custom predator motorcycle helmet has a gestation period nearly as long as a human being. Have fun getting that image out of your head. You’re welcome.

Our POINT is this:

No matter which of our helmets calls to your inner badass, no matter what +1 stats you customize them with, you will command the undivided attention of every vanilla motorist - on two, three, four, or more wheels - that you pass.

We offer these words of CAUTION: People are going to wave at you like maniacs. They’re going to want to meet you. They’re going to come up to you and shake your hand. They’re going to ask and demand and PLEAD with you to take pictures with them... Cops, too, we've been told. 

Please be merciful toward these lesser souls and bless them with a few moments of your valuable time. After all, it’s not every day that a person meets a true badass such as yourself and this is the perfect opportunity to prove to them that a badass isn’t the same thing as a badhole.

In parting, we’d like to state out right that our helmets, every single one of them, are GENDER NEUTRAL for a reason: Badassdom Has No Prejudices. You simply are or you're not. Period.

All of our helmets are available in sizes small to extra large - some designs are offered up to size double-extra large. Unfortunately, sizes less than a small are not currently being fabricated due to the nature of the process. If that changes, though, we’ll be sure to note it here.

* Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) preliminary sales numbers for 2014.

** “Motorcycle” is defined by MIC as any bi-wheeled or tri-wheeled (non-ATV) motorized vehicle regardless of its classification as being dual functional, off highway specific, on highway specific, and Scooters.
      Hey! Stop that. Be nice to the scooter people, we like those guys.