Customer Reviews

Question: "I'm new to crossbows and I'm looking for a cheap way to start. What do you recommend?"

Answer: This is the number one question we hear! The important thing to remember is that a crossbow is a specialized and deadly tool. Quality is important.

A quality crossbow will also be easier to use and, therefore, easier to master and enjoy. With that in mind, we definitely recommend looking into a package deal to get the most bang for your buck.

Our Barnett Recruit Recurve Package (BAR-78615) is a great option for the crossbow seeker on a budget. You will receive the powerful Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow, a red dot sight, a quiver, and 3 aluminum arrows!

Question: "I'm having a hard time cocking my crossbow, what can I do to make this easier?"

Answer: A cocking device is the solution! Barnett rope cocking devices are inexpensive and will reduce the draw weight of your crossbow by half. Barnett rope cocking devices can be used with all Barnett crossbow and most competitor crossbows. Crank cocking devices are another option but are more expensive and can only be used with certain crossbows. We offer a great selection of both options.

Question: "How do I keep my crossbow strings and cables in good shape?"

Answer: Barnett Lubewax is your crossbow's best friend and should be used regularly to extend the life of your strings and cables. Like many Barnett accessories that carries, Lubewax can be used on all Barnett crossbows and, unless otherwise stated, is safe on competitor crossbows, too.


Question: "Why are my shots too high or low?"

Answer: According to Barnett experts, if you are using field points the best way to correct an erring shot is to simply adjust your sights. It's also a good idea to double check that all of your arrows are the same length and shaft diameter (ie: 20" - 2219 with 100-grain field tip).

However, if you're shooting broadheads, it's possible that planing is the culprit. Planing occurs when the blades of the broadhead catch air as they fly. Unfortunately, this means that you need to use a different type or brand of broadhead to correct the problem.

Question: "I have a shoulder injury and can't use my usual hunting bow, is a crossbow a good alternative?"

Answer: A crossbow is definitely a good alternative! In fact, many bowman make the switch from an archery styled bow to a crossbow due to rotator cuff tears or surgery (among other things) rather than miss out on hunting season.

Remember that we're not doctors. It's imperative that you consult your physician before attempting any activity that may cause further harm. Get well soon and happy hunting!

Question: "Do I have to use a women's or youth bow just because I'm female? / Can I use a women's or youth bow if I'm male?"

Answer: We're not overly fond of all the "gendering" that many hunters experience. We like to think of "Youth" and "Women's" crossbows in terms of size and complexity rather than as a crossbow that is age or sex specific.

A "Youth" bow tends to provide only crucial functions (few bells and whistles) and will almost always be the the smallest and lightest crossbow available. Youth crossbows are ideal for beginners because of their simplicity. However, a youth crossbow is a great option for someone who prefers a more utilitarian crossbow. Many youth bows are powerful enough to easily bring down larger game, including deer.

A "Women's" crossbow, in many cases, is identical to its male counterpart in every way except for color. Often, when "Lady" is tacked on to the front of a crossbow model it just means that it's pink. Silly, yes, but true. In other cases, a women's crossbow may be a touch lighter or shorter but will have all of the same great stats as their male equivalent.

In the end, pick the crossbow that does what you want to do and feels great in your hands. If you choose based on that criteria you will never be disappointed!

Question: "Does my crossbow have the same long-range ability as my hunting rifle?"

Answer: NO. A crossbow does not - and likely, never will - have the same long-range capabilities as a gun. Simply put, your typical crossbow will average about 80 ft. lbs of Kinetic Energy. A typical .30-30 hunting rifle will average around 1200 ft. lbs of Kinetic Energy. Big. BIG. Difference.

Question: "Why do I keep seeing things about "ethical" kills?"

Answer: The crossbow community is a very proud and honor conscious group of individuals. In fact, a vast majority of all hunters are. There is no reason to be proud of causing pain. There is no honor in bringing misery to a living thing. A true hunter strives for a clean and fast (ethical) kill every time and would rather stay their hand than risk an unethical kill. As Peter Parker's uncle said: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Question: "Is my child too young for a crossbow?"

Answer: This question, of course, can only be answered by the parent or guardian of said child. That being said, we definitely want to encourage the next generation of crossbow users in every way we can!

As with any form of hunting, safety is first and foremost and an adult should always be there to guide, teach, and supervise a child.

Barnett is the leading global manufacturer of youth crossbows and archery bows, so you can rest assured that you will always receive the highest quality youth crossbow if it carries the Barnett name. offers the Barnett Bandit which is the perfect introduction for the youngest of children as it shoots suction cup darts. While the Bandit is technically a toy it still looks and feels like the real deal so it will be easy to encourage "serious" play and cultivate respect and good habits on day one!

Question: "What if I don't want to hunt? Can I use a crossbow for recreation only?"

arrows-in-target.jpgAnswer: Yes! If you prefer recreational use to hunting, we recommend choosing a recurve crossbow. They're not quite as powerful as their compound siblings, but the purpose of that additional power is to provide enough force to more easily bring down large game such as deer, moose, elk, and bear. However, a recurve crossbow IS STILL A HUNTING WEAPON and many hunters choose to use a recurve crossbow for deer, moose, elk, and bear.

Always be sure to double check the policies of the range you want to use as not all ranges allow crossbow use. Also be sure to look into your state's laws if you think there's even a small chance you might want to try your hand at hunting with your crossbow!

Question: "Where can I find the best deal on Barnett crossbows?"

Answer: We have one of the best selections of Barnett crossbows and Barnett crossbow accessories around. Don't take our word for it, though. Check out our entire crossbow inventory to see for yourself!