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Question: Are These Helmets Street Legal?

Answer: Yes! NLO MOTO and Pro Predator use DOT / ECE 22.05 Certified helmets as the base for each custom job. Whether you’re riding in the US or Europe, your helmet is both legal and safe.

Question: Are These Predator Helmets “Novelty Helmets”?

Answer: NO. NO. NO. Our helmets are absolutely NOT NOVELTY HELMETS. Every Predator bike helmet for sale is DOT / ECE 22.05 Certified and therefore completely street legal in the United States and Europe – as well as any of the 47+ countries that accept ECE 22.05 Certification as the safety standard.

It’s important to understand that “Novelty Helmets” are not the same as “Motorcycle Helmets”.

  • A “Novelty Helmet” is NOT street legal; except where there are no helmet laws.
  • A “Novelty Helmet” is intended ONLY for entertainment or deception.
  • A “Novelty Helmet” will NOT protect you in the event of an accident.

As of May 20, 2015, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has presented a proposal that “…targets novelty motorcycle helmets and assists state enforcement efforts of existing motorcycle helmet laws…”.

Question: Are These Predator and Alien helmets Modular or Full Face?

Answer: At present, all of our motorcycle helmets are Full Face.

Question: Do You Have Kids Sizes?

Answer: As awesome as it would be to deck out your adorable spawn in an Alien or Predator helmet, we currently only offer adult sizes; Small through Extra-Large; some designs go as high as Double-XL.

We’ll keep you posted if that changes in the future, though!

Question: Why are These Helmets so expensive?!

Answer: Yeah, we get this one a lot and this is what we have to say about our helmets: THEY’RE WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY!

Think about it: You’re getting a hand-crafted, customized, made-to-order, helmet unlike anything else on the planet. A team of evil-genius fabricators and a crew of diabolically brilliant artists devoted thousands of man-hours to make your custom predator bike helmet.

And it’s not just our Predator Helmets that we’re OCD about. Our helmets are all crafted by the same insanely talented and dedicated individuals.

Not only will you look like a badass cruising down the road but, if push comes to shove, your greymatter is going to be much less scrambled with one of our DOT / ECE Certified helmets than with any other Predator, Alien, Hells Rider, or Orc imposter you manage dredge up.

But hey, if you would rather save a few bucks by going with a cheap, novelty knockoff that looks like it was thrown together in the last 5-minutes of a high school art class and will never hold up when you need it most, we ain’t gonna stop you.

By the way, have you visited a COACH store, recently? Now, THAT’S expensive taste.

Question: Can You Use a Helmet I Already Own and Turn it Into a Predator Helmet?

Answer: No.

Unless you’re willing to pay $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.99 and buy the team a surf-n-turf dinner.

Otherwise, completely reconfiguring every piece of equipment used to fabricate our Predator Helmets for one order just isn’t a viable option.

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