EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter
EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter
EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter
EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter
EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter
EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter
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EV Rider Transport Plus Mobility Scooter

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    Ready for transport and easily folded, the Transport Scooter is perfect for the active traveler. Disassembly is a snap, this foldable scooter was designed for your active lifestyle.Sealed Lead batteries makes this travel scooter airline safe.The TranSport Foldable scooter is super portable and a great space saver! is sleek, stylish and extremely easy to operate.It features a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and a top speed of 4 mph. The scooter total weight is 46 lbs. when removing the batteries and seat.You can comfortably ride the Transport travel folding scooter in both indoor and outdoors. When traveling, this environmental friendly scooter, it easily folds up and rolls into small spaces like a closet or in the corner. For safety and added security, the TranSport scooter is key operated and features a speed control dial so you can control the maximum speed.


    • A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter 
    • Unique design uses unusual folding concept 
    • Easy to lug around at home, hotels or airports 
    • Can be stowed upright in any closet or corner 
    • Powerful 270 Watt 4-pole motor 
    • Articulated front end adds to greater stability 
    • 10 to 15 mile range per charge 
    • Lighting Package: front and rear lights 
    • Digital display 
    • Removable seat


    • Overall Length: 36" 
    • Overall Width: 21" 
    • Overall Height (at Maximum Tiller Height): 37 ½" 
    • Overall Height - at Minimum Tiller Height: 31" 
    • Legroom - Floorboard Length x Width: 19" x 13" 
    • Deck Height - Floorboard to Floor: 6.5" 
    • Ground Clearance: 2.4" 
    • Turning Radius: 32.3" 
    • Folded Overall Length: 31" 
    • Folded Overall Width: 19" 
    • Folded Overall Height: 18" 
    • Weight with Std. 12V12Ah Batteries: 70 lb 
    • Weight with Opt. 112V11.5Ah Li Ion Batteries: 60 lb 
    • Weight without Batteries: 46 lb 
    • Seat Type: Folding backrest, ABS plastic with high density foam cushion 
    • Seat - Width & Depth & Height: 16" x 13½" x 13½" 
    • Seat - Cushion Thickness: 1" 
    • Seat Height - Cushion to Deck: 14" 
    • Seat Height - Cushion to Floor: 20.5" 
    • Tire Type: Solid rubber front and rear 
    • Rim Type Rear: Cast Aluminum 
    • Rim Type Front: ABS Plastic 
    • OEM Spec Rear: 200 x 50 
    • Outside Diameter Rear: 8" 
    • Tire Width Rear: 2" 
    • OEM Spec Front: 180/40 
    • Outside Diameter Front: 7" 
    • Tire Width Front: 1.6" 
    • Battery Type & Power 
    • Std. Two 12V12Ah SLA 
    • Optional 24V11.5Ah Li Ion Battery Pack 
    • Brake System: Electromagnetic Brake 
    • Climbing Angle - Maximum Recommended: 6 degrees 
    • Charger Type: 2 Amp, 110/240 Volt SLA Charger, 2.5Amp,110/240 Volt,Li-ION Charger 
    • Charging Time: 4 - 6 hours 
    • Controller: S-Druive 45 Amp 
    • *Driving Range: 10 - 15 miles 
    • Load Capacity: 250 lbs (115 kgs) 
    • Motor & Drive Location: 4-pole, 270 Watt, Rear-Wheel Drive 
    • *Speed - Maximum: 4 mph 
    • Colors: Metallic Blue, Burgundy, Copper and Plum 
    • Tiller Type: Height Adjustable 
    • Throttle Control Type: Digital Wig-Wag 
    • Anti-Tipper Wheels-Rear: Standard

    About EV Rider

    EV Rider has been in the business of providing high-quality Mobility Scooters, Transportables, Power Chairs and more since 1996. They are diversifying their product lines and making powerful mobility scooters for kids, elderly, seniors and disabled customers with a device for every budget. Both fun and functional, these luxurious mobility solutions can be used for leisure, medical or community use!